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About the ORSHOF

The Oak Ridge Sports Hall of Fame was a vision of long-time Oak Ridgers and sports enthusiasts, Bill Sewell and Randy Nicholson. Together, with the original charter board members, they set forth to adopt bylaws and operating procedures and form the Hall of Fame at its first meeting held at the Alexander Inn in Jackson Square.

The people of Oak Ridge early on created a tradition of excellence in many areas -- science, engineering, the arts. They also created a tradition of excellence in sports -- all sports. From football to track and field, baseball to bowling, fastpitch softball leagues, tennis, swimming, to the the Oak Ridge Sportsmen's Association rifle ranges, and all sports, the participants have excelled in competition.

If proof is needed, look at the record. Since 1943, when Oak Ridge High School opened its doors, Wildcat teams have won 41 prep state championships. Eight Wildcat football teams captured state titles (the 1958 team won a national title). Wildcat track and field teams have won eight state titles. Wildcat teams have also won state titles in in basketball, cross-country, swimming, and soccer. Oak Ridgers have excelled in other teams as well.

In the summer of 1986, a group of men and women began searching for a way to honor the outstanding figures in Oak Ridge sports lore and preserve the heritage that they created. The result is the Oak Ridge Sports Hall of Fame.

The Charter Board Members
Bill Sewell, President                          Josh Collins
Danny Sutton, Vice-President           B.B. Coulter
Al Bissell                                              Bob Lipman
Don Bordinger                                    Randy Nicholson
Sylvia Brinkman                                Mike Silverman
Jim Campbell                                     Bobbe Smith

The Hall admitted its first four members in the fall of 1986. This year, 2019, is the 33rd year of its existence, and there are now 149 members of the Hall. Candidates may be added each year from nominations submitted by the public. See the Nomination Form.