Baseball, Basketball, Bowling, Boxing, Cross Country, Fencing, Football, General Fitness, Golf, Multi-Athlete,
                  Referee/Umpire, Rowing, Soccer, Sports Announcer, Sports Writer, Swimming, Tennis, Track and Field, Volleyball

Eligibility Requirements

The Oak Ridge Sports Hall of Fame is an organization established in 1986 to honor outstanding sports figures in the city throughout its histroy. Each year new candidates will be selected to join the Hall by the 12 member Board of Directors. The public is invited to submit the names of candidates for the Hall each year.

Each year's selection will by honored at an Oak Ridge High School football game. For 2024 the deadline for the public to submit the names of candidates for the Hall is midnight, August 1..

In order to make sure the founders of the Oak Ridge sports tradition are fully honored, the Board of Directors has established a time period for nominees to the Hall.

The Board of Directors has established the following criteria for selection to the Hall of Fame.

  • The candidate should be an outstanding contributor to Oak Ridge athletics, whether it be as a participant, coach, official, administrator, promoter, or otherwise involved.
  • The candidate should be of good moral character.
  • The candidate does not have to be a resident of Oak Ridge at the time of nomination.
  • The candidate's notoriety or success must have been accomplished in Oak Ridge.
  • The candidate must have reached his/her 24th birthday by August 1.

To nominate a person for the ORSHOF, complete the Nomination Form
or send a resume of the candidate's accomplishments to:

Oak Ridge Sports Hall of Fame
119 Maltese Lane
Oak Ridge, TN 37830

or preferably, by email to:
(President, ORSHOF)


You do not need to re-nominate a candidate if your initial nomination was within the past five years.